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Modern air travel would be most enjoyable if we could just learn to like boredom, discomfort and fatigue.

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Flight crews are not in the travel business per se. Ask an airline pilot something about the cost of a ticket or how best to book reservations and you will likely get a rather blatant display of pure ignorance. But by the nature of what we do, even the dumbest of us will pick up a few pointers on a given layover location after he's been there about a thousand times.

Use the information presented here in any way you wish, but the idea was for those getting ready for a trip to review their layover locations, visit this site and print off the pertinent info, and take it with them for reference.

It is hoped that if you find no info listed here on your particular layover location, you will, while you're there, take notes and send us something we can make available to others. Also, let us know when things have changed and revisions need to be made herein.

We must point out, of course, in this litigious age in which we live, that we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here or for your using it in a stupid, bone-headed way that gets you into trouble. We can in fact assure you of the inaccuracy of this information and guaranty that if you get in trouble with it, it is your own fault.

Some folks have suggested that, with the security situation being what it is, advertising what hotels flight crews stay in is not a good idea.  I agree with that and take all security issues very seriously. But the listing of hotels as jumping off points for directions does not tell Billy Badguy (be he terrorist, mugger, sexual predator, or whatever) anything he doesn't already know. Flight crews stay in hotels. Billy knows that. Those listed here may or may not be the ones in which they stay. Nonetheless, some directions will begin at landmarks other than hotels for this reason. In all seriousness, y'all be careful how you use this stuff, you heah? Good info on world travel.    And another:  Travel advice for non-crew types.

Currency Converter

Convert: Metric to English to Metric, Fahrenheit to Celsius to Fahrenheit, etc.

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