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Running Routes



X = Cross a street at street level.  U = Cross under a street, overpass, bridge, etc.   O = Cross over a street, river, etc.  R = turn right at designated point.  L = turn left at designated point.   BR = bear right. BL = bear left.  OtL = On the left.  OtR = On the right.


Distances in ( ) to the left of location descriptions indicate decision/action points: ie. Turn right or left or go straight. In the absence of instructions (turn L or R, etc.) go straight. Distances to the left of location descriptions not in ( ) are for distance awareness only or to point out something of interest. Routes are designated as:

         Out and Back: Distances given to a final marker location with no return to starting

point. Runner simply turns around and goes back via reverse route.

Loop: Distances given all the way around a closed course back to the starting point.

Partial Loop: Distances given include a closed course portion but also include backtracking over a portion of the course.

Courses are designed to be approximately five to six miles allowing for a reversal at the end for a ten to twelve mile run or a reversal anywhere along the way for something shorter.

Routes are available for: 

AMS - Amsterdam, Netherlands                   LAX - Los Angeles, CA

ANC - Anchorage, Alaska                         MSP - Minneapolis, MN

DCA - Washington, DC                                  NRT - Narita, Japan

DTW - Detroit, MN                                          KIX - Osaka, Japan

LGW – London Gatwick, England                SDF - Louisville, KY

HNL - Honolulu, HI                                         YYZ - Toronto, Canada


More to come soon. Send yours to:

Other sources of running route data: USA Track & Field (USATF)

DCA - Washington, DC

DCA        Double Tree Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

Ph. 703 416-4100

ROUTE 1  (Total Distance 9.25 miles)

This course starts out on concrete sidewalks but after the start of the Crystal City Connector Trail (.54) is mostly on asphalt running/biking trails. The portion on Roosevelt Island (4.49) is on dirt and a wooden foot bridge that crosses a tidal marsh. The last portion around the Pentagon (8.23) is also mostly on concrete sidewalks. The course is mostly flat, very little elevation change. Only 11 street crossings at street level.


R out of main hotel entrance


(.02)     L at next street, 12th Street  (.02)

(.54)     L on Crystal City Connector Trail (sign OtL)  (.54)

Trail loops around to a T. Right to Alexandria, left to Washington (sign)

(.84)     L toward Washington at T   (.84)

1.20          At the end of Runway 15 National Airport

1.50          Gravelly Point road sign OtL

2.07          “G” on the pavement

2.12          U first of 4 bridges

2.17          15 mile sign OtR

2.37          U fourth bridge                                                                    Back to the top

2.50          “Dismount before crossing” sign OtR just before O bridge

(2.57)   Bear R after O bridge   (2.57)

3.04          16 mile sign OtL

3.35          Bear R toward Roosevelt Island  (3.35)

3.53          U Roosevelt Bridge

3.94          O foot bridge

4.01          17 mile sign OtR

4.27     Bear R   (4.27)

4.31          End of wood walk bridge

4.38          R O foot bridge  (4.38)

4.49          End of foot bridge. Roosevelt Island

4.56          L  follow the water (on your left)  (4.56)

There are many trails shooting off to the left to the water. Stay on main trail. At about 4.66 trail makes almost 90 right then turns back to parallel the water.

4.85          Wood foot bridge across tidal marsh starts

5.05          Wide place in walk with bench

5.10          Wide place in walk with bench                                                        Back to the top

5.16          Wide place in walk with bench

5.24          Wide place in walk with bench

5.31          End of wood walk. Car bridge above you OtL

5.37          Restroom and water fountain. REVERSE COURSE   (5.37)

5.45          Back to beginning of wood foot bridge

5.91          End of wood foot bridge

6.05          Water fountain

(6.26)   R onto foot bridge    (6.26)

6.35          L at end of bridge

6.42          Start of wood walkway

(6.45)   Bear L     (6.45)

6.66          End of wood walkway

7.21          U Roosevelt Bridge                                                                    Back to the top

7.42          R toward Arlington Cemetery. Sign OtL has to be read from other side. (7.42)

7.43          X Road

(7.51)   L onto joining trail. Hard left turn    (7.51)

7.55          X Road

7.68          X Road. Pentagon ahead.

7.88          R to X Road   (7.88)

7.97          O six lane expressway. Pentagon ahead OtL

8.23          X Drive from Pentagon

8.31          X Drive to Pentagon

8.53          R to X street into Pentagon parking lot just before going under overhead walkway. Angle South East toward opening under expressway. Pedestrian opening is just to right of car opening.   (8.53)

8.75          U expressway in tunnel

8.76          Exit tunnel and angle left    (8.76)

8.83          X then L on Army Navy Drive   (8.83)

8.92          X Hayes Street

8.98          X Fern Street

9.11          X Eads Street

9.25            STARTING POINT. END                                                Back to the top




ROUTE 2   (Total Distance 10.0 miles)


This course starts out on concrete sidewalks but after the start of the Crystal City Connector Trail (.54) is mostly on asphalt running/biking trails.

R out of main hotel entrance


(.02)     L at next street, 12th Street  (.02)

.43       Large fountain OtL

(.54)     L on Crystal City Connector Trail (sign OtL)  (.54)

Trail loops around to a T. Right to Alexandria, left to Washington (sign)

 (.71)    R at T toward Alexandria

1.0            Washington National Airport sign OtL

1.33        X Road

1.39        U Railroad and street

1.42        X Road                                                                                            Back to the top

1.51          General Aviation, Economy Parking, Air Cargo, Express Mail, sign OtL

1.65     13 mile sign OtR

(1.75)     BR toward Alexandria

1.79        O Bridge

2.16        O Small wood bridge

2.47        Mile 12 sign OtL

2.56        Washington Sailing Marina OtL

2.72        “8” painted on pavement

2.82        Begin wood foot path

2.92        End wood foot path

3.0            BL

3.08        Begin wood foot bridge

3.12        Apartment building OtR, water OtL

3.32        Wire covered concrete walk

3.36          Wood bridge

3.47          Mile 11 sign OtL

3.54          Large stones OtL

(* A left turn near the end of the stones (2 or 3 remaining) will take you down along the water to rejoin the route at Pendleton Street (4.06). This route is slightly shorter.)

(3.57)     Straight on main trail. “3.0” painted on pavement

3.59          Water and small park OtL, Railroad OtR                                                      Back to the top

3.75          X Road, BR crossing the railroad. Follow bike route (sign OtR)

3.82          X Road. Underground parking OtR, railroad OtL

3.90          X Road. Oronoco Bay Park sign and park OtL

(4.0)         BR. “Bike Route Straight Ahead” sign OtL

(4.06)     L on street (Pendleton, no sign here)

4.13          X street from left side to right (no walk on the left). Street makes 90 right and changes name from Pendleton to Union.

4.22          X Oronoco St. Cross back to left side of Union. Founders Park OtL

4.35          Quay St. OtR

(4.48)     L at “1 thru 5 Cameron St.” sign OtR. A little side detour for sightseeing.

(4.50)   R on boardwalk.

4.58     Straight on The Strand

(4.61)   L into park Waterfront Walk (sign OtR)

4.65          Water OtL, old canon OtR

(4.72)      L on The Strand

(4.83)      R on Duke St.

(4.86)      L on Union St.

4.96           X Wolfe St.

4.99          “Mt. Vernon Trail, Cameron Run Trail” sign OtR

(5.0)            TURN AROUND POINT                                                            Back to the top



ROUTE 3 (Total Distance 9.34 miles)


This route starts out the same as routes 1 and 2 and follows route 2 at the .71 mile T leaving route 2 at the 1.83 mile point. It may be better as an Out and Back Course (returning via the same route rather than going straight at the 6.88 mile point) but the partial loop does provide some variation.

R out of main hotel entrance


(.02)     L at next street, 12th Street  (.02)

.43       Large fountain OtL

(.54)     L on Crystal City Connector Trail (sign OtL)  (.54)

Trail loops around to a T. Right to Alexandria, left to Washington (sign)

 (.71)    R at T toward Alexandria

1.0         Washington National Airport sign OtL

1.34        X Road

1.40        U Railroad and street

1.43        X Road

1.52          General Aviation, Economy Parking, Air Cargo, Express Mail, sign OtL

1.65          13 mile sign OtR

(1.83)     BL on 4 Mile Run Trail

1.85          7.5 mile sign OtR                                                                            Back to the top

1.86          U Bridge, first of 7, water OtL

1.91          O small foot bridge

1.94          “2” sign OtR

2.03          “3” sign OtR

2.08          U last of 7 bridges

(2.13)     L toward Shirlington & Crystal City, sign OtL

(2.21)     BL toward Shirlington, sign OtL

2.32          Covered bench OtL

2.33          “6” sign OtL

2.43          7 mile sign OtR

2.57        Sign OtL about 98% clear water

(2.65)     BL at T, “9” sign OtL

(2.78)     BL on Bike Route toward Shirlington

2.93        “12” sign OtR, water OtL, small channel

3.05          “13” sign OtR

(3.15)     L toward Anderson Bkwy, sign OtR

3.27          Bike Route sign OtL

3.42          6 mile sign OtR

(3.54)     L on street, Bike Route (Glebe Rd., no sign)

3.60          Service Station OtR                                                                          Back to the top

(3.71)     R on Valley Rd., Bike Route sign OtR, Charles Barrett Park OtR, sign

3.83          Martha Custis Dr. sign OtL

3.95          X Drive

3.99          X 3 drives. Park East Condos OtR, sign

4.17          Lyon Ln. sign OtL

(4.23)     R @ corner of Martha Custis & Gunstan on Gunstan

(4.25)     R Bike Route Overpass over roads

4.29          O streets, wire covered overpass

4.45          End of overpass

(4.45)     R toward S. Quency St., sign OtL

bulletMany interesting shops, cafes, restaurants straight ahead

(4.48)     R on Quency St., sign OtL, Bike Route

4.56          X road

(4.57)     L toward W & OD trail, “to Bluemont Park” sign OtR

4.66          Randolph St. sign OtL

4.74          Small foot bridge OtR

4.90          Stone marker OtR, “Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement”

4.97          Inclined situp board OtR

(5.03)     TURN AROUND. Metal railing adjacent to path OtR, small waterfall OtR

5.17          Stone marker OtL                                                                        Back to the top

5.32          Foot bridge OtL

5.40          Randolph St. OtR

(5.50)     R on Quency, X road

(5.60)     L on 28th St.

(5.61)     L toward wire covered overpass

5.81          Bottom (end) of overpass

(5.81)     L on Gunstan

(5.82)     L on Martha Custis

6.05          Park East Condos OtL

(6.33)     L on Glebe Rd., Charles Barrett Park OtL

6.48          O Bridge

(6.51)     R on Highway 120 South, Bike Route

6.60          6 mile sign OtL

6.83          O bridge

(6.88)     Stay straight rather than R which is way you came.

Toward Army Navy Dr., sign OtR but must be read from

other side.

7.08          Lang St. OtL

7.16          X Mt. Vernon                                                                            Back to the top

(7.18)     BR toward Mt. Vernon Trail, sign OtR. “Four Mile Run” sign OtL

(7.23)     BL toward Mt. Vernon Trail, sign OtR

(7.37)     BL “9” sign OtR

(7.40)     R on street (Glebe St., no sign)

(7.77)     L on S. Eads

8.20          X 31st St.

8.15          X Fort Scott Dr OtL

8.26          X 26th Rd. S. OtL

8.41          Formosa Café OtR

8.44          X 23rd St. S.

bulletMany interesting cafes, restaurants, shops on 23rd St. OtL

8.62          X 20th St. S.

8.73          X 18th St. S.

8.90     X 15th St. S.

9.06          12th St. OtR

(9.18)     R on Army Navy Dr.

9.34     START POINT                                                                        Back to the top


LAX  Hilton Airport Hotel, 5711 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: 310 410-4000

Route 1 (Total Distance 5.36 miles)

This course is mostly on concrete sidewalks. It is very flat.


Out of hotel L on Century

.07 X Bellanca

(.14) X Aviation then R on Aviation

.32 X 102nd St.

.45 X 104th St.

.58 Blast fence OtR for runway 25R LAX

.72 Approach lights for 25L OtL & OtR

.84 Airplanes OtL, F-85, Mig-19, P-40, etc.

.90 Proud Bird Resturant OtL, Corsair, P-51, etc., out front

.96 X 111th St.

(1.20) R on Imperial

1.23 X RR tracks

1.38 X Street?                                                                            Back to the top

1.48 X Street?

1.60 X Kilroy Center Dr.

1.71 X Nash?

1.80 X Street?

1.94 X Hughes

2.07 Selby St. OtL

(2.17) @ Sepulveda X Imperial and continue west on Imperial


       X Imperial, X Sepulveda, X Imperial again back to the north

       (there is no crosswalk on north side) then bear R on Imperial.

2.49 “Bike Lane” sign OtR

2.60 “Bike Lane” sign OtR

(2.68) X California

Return by same route.                                                                 Back to the top


LAX Route 2 (Total Distance 10.04 miles)

This course is mostly on concrete sidewalks. It is very flat until it gets 

near the beach where it makes a good climb and then descent to the beach.

A neat run. Lots of scenery.

This route goes along the north side of airport whereas

route 1 goes along the south side.



Out of hotel R on Century

.17 X Airport Blvd.

.38 X Avion Drive

.61 X Vicksburg

(.72) R Sepuvelda

.82 X 98th St.

.93 X 96th St.

1.16 X Sepuvelda ???

1.22 small park OtL

(1.24) L 92nd St.

(1.41) L Westchester

1.56 La Tijera OtR                                                                             Back to the top

1.97 radar antennae OtL

2.00 X street. Golf course OtR

2.17 O expressway

2.30 X street

2.49 X Loyola

2.95 “2 ½” on pavement OtR

3.08 X closed street OTL

3.43 Falmouth OtR

3.36 “2 mi” on pavement OtR

3.55 “x” on sidewalk

(3.78) R Pershing

(3.88) L Waterview

3.95  hill up

4.04 Trask OtR

4.14 X Rindge

4.20 down hill, ocean in view

4.23 X Whitlock

4.32 X Vista Del Mar                                                             Back to the top

            BL down path to beach

(4.37) R at bottom of hill, north on beach

(4.57) three palm trees OtL

            L out to bike path

4.80 lifeguard stand OtL

4.81 restrooms, water fountain OtL

(5.02) lifeguard stand OtL

Return by same route.


MSP                                                                                Back to the top

MSP  Holiday Inn Select, 2700 Pilot Knob Rd., Eagan, MN 55121

Ph. 651 454-3434

ROUTE 1  (Total Distance 6.97 miles or 7.11 for Option 1)

This course is almost exclusively on asphalt paths or dirt. The dirt portion begin at 1.33 miles and ends at 4.28 miles. It is very scenic particularly along the river. The terrain is mostly flat starting out down hill and climbing back up again at about 4.40 miles. At the height of summer time, the biting flies and mosquitoes can be murderous along the river but if you keep a sub six-minute mile pace they won’t bother you. Very little traffic. Few street crossings.


R out of hotel front door to drive from street (Corporate Center Dr.)


R on street (Corporate Center Dr.)

(.06) X then R on Pilot Knob Rd.

(.25) L on Bike Route (sign OtR)

.66    O highway on wire covered walkway

.75    End of wire covered walkway

1.17    Highway sign OtR, Exit 71, Pilot Knob Rd. 1 mi. (read from other side)

(1.33)     L down dirt path just prior to starting across Minnesota River bridge (sign OtR on other side of expressway)

(1.34)     R back under bridge. (Path is steep & rocky)

(1.37)      L at T just after U bridge                                            Back to the top

1.40          Back U bridge again then parallel bridge under it

(1.74)      R @ river, U bridge. Look for “Petroleum Pipeline” sign OtR to mark trail.

1.92          Another “Petroleum Pipeline” sign OtR. River backwater OtL

2.10          Wooden post OtR

2.40          “Petroleum Pipeline” sign OtL

2.47          Wooden post with blue marker OtR, old tower OtL

2.48          “Petroleum Pipeline” sign OtL

2.59          O concrete spillway

2.92            Wooden post with blue marker OtL

2.95          Wooden post with blue marker OtR

3.06          U power lines

3.37          Pipe under trail

3.43          Trail bends away from river. “Buried Fiber Optic Cable” sign OtR

3.47          Wooden post with blue marker OtR

3.54          “Buried Fiber Optic Cable” sign OtR

3.59          U power lines

3.83          U power lines

3.93          U Mendota Bridge (big bridge)

(4.27)      R U stone Railroad trestle

4.28          U Railroad

(4.28)      L on street

4.30      Jean Baptiste Faribault Home OtR

4.34          Historic Mendota sign OtR

    STEEP HILL UP                                                    Back to the top

4.46     X   1st Street

(4.50)      R @ “Trail Xing” sign OtR. (Bike/Running trail)

4.70          “RW  B” signs OtR & OtL

4.80          U street thru tunnel. (97680  1993 sign at top)

4.85          U Double overpass

4.99          Curve left street sign OtR (read from other side)

5.09          Beginning of cemetery OtL

5.14          A cut to street OtR

5.38          End of cemetery OtL thru trees, a cut to street OtR

5.46          Junction (from the right) sign OtR

(5.49)   R onto joining path. “22062” on the pavement (OR SEE OPTION 1)

5.54          X street

5.76          “Mendota Work Camp No. 1” sign OtR

6.01          Overlook park OtR

(6.02)      L toward parking lot

(6.03)      BR thru parking lot to street

(6.08)      R on street

6.11          X  Hwy 13

(6.36)      R on Pilot Knob Rd.

6.47          X Northland Dr.

6.62          O  I-494

6.71          “City of Eagan” sign OtR

(6.89)      L Corporate Center Dr.

6.97          START

  Back to the top


5.49          “22062” on pavement. Trail T OtR. GO STRAIGHT.

5.69          Curve left sign OtR

5.93     Stop ahead sign OtR

5.95     X  Pilot Knob Rd.

(5.96)      R immediately after crossing, then X Hwy 13. Proceed south on Pilot Knob

6.14          Fire hydrant OtR

6.19          Orange “Warning H.P. Petroleum Pipeline” post OtL

6.28          X Enterprise Dr.

6.46          X Mendota Hts. Rd.

6.60          X Northland Dr.

     Cross over to right/west side of Pilot Knob (No walk on east side over I-494)

6.76          O  I-494

6.85          “City of Eagan Welcomes You” sign OtR

(7.03)      L Corporate Center Dr.

7.11     START

Back to the top


Running Route:

City: Toronto, Canada

Airport Identifier: YYZ

Hotel: Novotel, 3670 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, Ontario L5B IP3  905-896-1000


  1. Straight out front door for ½ block.
  2. Left on Mathews Gate.
  3. Left on Hurontario.
  4. Right on Burnhamthorpe.
  5. Look for small stream crossing under street.
  6. Just prior to bridge over stream, turn right down steep bank.
  7. Bike/Running trail follows stream north (left) and south (right).
Approximately 2 miles (from hotel) to south turn around

Back to the top


LGW – London Gatwick, England    Route 1


Partial loop or out and back

Starting point: Arora International Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Southgate, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6LW, Phone +44 (0) 1293 530000


L out of front door of hotel

(.01) L down driveway

(.07) L at street (Southgate)

.20 X street

.21 X over to other side of Southgate

.23 X street

.25   County Mall OtL

.28 X street (Haslett)

(.43) R Public Library OtL

good path on either side, left is maybe better

.57 Gales Drive OtR

.64 path OtL

.68 path OtL                                                                                Back to the top

.73 path OtL

.77 dirt path OtL

.79 Hermits Road OtR

(.86) BL path splits

.92 sign for Manor Royal etc.

(.95) X street. Jog left onto Woolborough Lane

.99 U overpass toward Manor Royal

(1.13) BL onto bike path toward Manor Royal

(1.27) L on street

1.30 Gatwick Jaguar/ Land Rover OtL

1.45 X Faraday Road

1.63 fountain OtL

1.65 X Crompton Way OtL

(1.74) BL toward Brighton (A23)

1.80 X Holin Court OtL

1.83 X Tushmore OtL

1.97 X Tushmore Lane OtL

(2.04) L toward Pound Hill/Three Bridges

2.26 X street OtL                                                                                    Back to the top

(2.27) BR for bike path

(2.36) L on bike path

(2.58) Lifestyle Ford OtL, BOC Edwards across street

            Reverse for 5+ mile run or

R to return to start

2.61 X Faraday Road

(2.80) R onto bike path toward Northgate

(2.94) R toward Northgate

3.07 U overpass

3.14 X street. Jog left onto bike path toward Three Bridges

(3.17) BR path splits

3.42 path OtR

3.51 path OtR

3.56 path OtR

(3.68) X over to other side of street

(3.73) L onto bike path

3.85 path OtL

(3.90) R toward County Mall

(3.96) L on Southgate                                                                        Back to the top

4.02 X Telford Place OtL

(4.16) R into hotel driveway

(4.23) R toward front door

4.24 End



LGW – London Gatwick    Route 2


5.12 mile out and back

Starting point: Arora International Hotel, Southgate Avenue, Southgate, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6LW, Phone +44 (0) 1293 530000


L out of front door of hotel

L down driveway

.00 R at street (Southgate)

.19 X street

.20 X over to other side of Southgate

.25 X Hawth Avenue

.47 X Tilgate Way

.76 X Ashdown Drive                                                                                Back to the top

(.91) L toward town center

1.21 X street

1.41 X street

1.50 Old Stone Cottage Farm OtL

1.64 X to other side

1.71 Welcome to Crawley sign OtL

1.93 down steps

1.94 X road

1.96 up steps

2.00 parking cutout OtL, large homes OtR

2.17 Black Swan Close OtR

(2.20) R on Forsham Rd.

2.22 Black Swan Hall & Woodhouse OtR

2.32 X Barn Close OtR

2.40 golf course OtR

2.56 entrance to golf course OtR

Return for 5.12 mile run.                                                                           Back to the top


AMS – Amsterdam, Netherlands

 8.10 mile out and back. Flat, very flat. There is a little up and down over the Netherland Mountains (bridges) but not much. Various surfaces, mostly asphalt, some grass if you want, paving blocks. Very nice run.

NH City North Hotel

Distelkade, 21  1031 XP Amsterdam
Tel. +31 20 6344366

Straight out front gate of hotel

(.01) L along fence

(.03) L on bike path

(.06) R through tunnel

(.10) L on bike path

(.12) R on Molveld

.15 San Remo OtL

.27 X Wingerdweg onto bike path straight ahead

(.31) L on 2nd path

(.36) L on bike path along canal

.70 path OtL. Oeverland Route sign OtR

(.99) R on Oeverland Route

1.02 L along canal                                                                                    Back to the top

1.28 old windmill OtL

1.33 stanchions in path

1.43 U overpass

1.59 O small bridge

1.89 U bridge

1.97 O bridge

2.10 beautiful old farm house OtL

2.42 fire hydrant OtL

2.47 O small bridge

2.69 lamp post 1945-066 OtL

3.04 big new windmill OtL

3.26 Landsmeer sign OtL

3.39 ferry crossing OtR

3.84 O small bridge

3.98 little white farm house OtL

4.05 lamp post 19045-042 OtL

Return for 8.10 mile run                                                                    Back to the top


DTW - Detroit, Michigan

Hyatt Regency Dearborn

Fairlane Town Center

Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA

Phone: 313 593-1234


3.69 mile loop. Flat terrain. First 1.66m on grass or asphalt, your choice. Last on concrete sidewalks, some grass.


L out of the front of hotel

(.01) L at corner of building

continue straight back across parking lot

.13 edge of parking lot X over berm

(.14) L along street (Michigan Ave- no sign)

.15 X ramp

.27 X ramp

.32 O overpass                                                                                             Back to the top

(.41) L along ramp road toward Ford building

(.48) BR toward Ford Building, do not follow

ramp all the way around

.49 X another ramp

BL along ramp

(.57) R along service road (north on grass, no sidewalk,

there are asphalt trails that meander but approximately

parallel on your right

.61 X street

.66 Henry Ford II sign OtR

.72 X street

.89 Ford Credit Receiving sign OtR (if you’re near road)

X street

1.05 Hubbard Dr sign OtL

(1.13) R on Hubbard Dr (east)

1.20 X street (entrance to Ford World Center)

1.43 fire hydrant OtL                                                                                 Back to the top

1.50 Park Lane Blvd, Fairlane Office Park OtL

1.66 X Mercury Dr (sidewalk ahead)

1.73 X Maddie Ln OtR

1.77 X Korte OtR

1.83 X Westland OtR

1.86 X Rosalie

1.90 X Helen

1.94 X Palmer

1.98 X Curtis

(2.01) R on Greenfield Rd (south)

2.19 X Jerome

(2.35) R on Michigan Ave (west)

2.38 X Curtis OtR

2.42 X Palmer OtR

2.47 X Helen OtR

2.52 X Rosalie OtR

2.56 X Westland

2.60 X Korte OtR                                                                                      Back to the top

2.68 X Mercury, (Henry Ford Centennial

Library OtL)

2.76 X street

2.89 X street

2.99 sidewalk runs out (Greenfield Village, etc. sign,

Ford building OtR)

3.07 X ramp to 39 North

3.30 O overpass

3.39 X ramp

3.50 X ramp then R over berm

3.53 X parking lot (north)

3.59 down side of hotel

(3.63) R along front of hotel

3.69 front door of hotel                                                                         Back to the top


KIX - Osaka, Japan

Running Route #1 KIX


Nice run. Flat. Much of it is on wide dirt paths through park-like environment. Very little traffic to deal with.


Starting point:                                    Sheraton Kobe Bay Hotel

                                                        2-13 Koyo-cho Naka Higashinada-ku

                                                            Kobe 658-0032 Japan

                                                            Phone: 078 857 7000


L out of hotel toward walking mall.

L on walking mall. /Start at half dome fountain.

.10 Kobe Fashion Plaza OtL.

.15 X street.

.19 Café de la Riviere OtR.

.31 X street.

.43 up the stairs and over the street.

.53 continue south toward waterfront.

.60 trail jogs 90 degrees right then left.

(.72) L at waterfront.

.87 Vertu de Mer restaurant OtR.

.91 trail turns L.

1.11 O street.

1.15 trail turns R becomes dirt.

1.30 trail turns L.

1.57 O street.

1.77 “City Hall” sign OtR. BL.

1.95 trail turns L.

2.00 trail turns R then L.

2.01 O street.

2.05 tennis courts OtL.

(2.23) end of tennis courts. BL.

(2.25) L. O street. Island Kitaguchi Station OtR.

(2.29) R down steps.

(2.32) L onto walking mall. Follow tram tracks overhead.

2.41 “Rokko Island River Mall” sign.

2.46 Café Rico OtL.

2.52 end. Half dome fountain.

  Back to the top



Running Route #2 KIX


Nice run. Flat. Much of it is on wide dirt paths through park-like environment. Very little traffic to deal with.

Starting point:                                       Sheraton Kobe Bay Hotel

                                                            2-13 Koyo-cho Naka Higashinada-ku

                                                            Kobe 658-0032 Japan

                                                            Phone: 078 857 7000


L out of hotel toward walking mall.

R on walking mall. /Start at half dome fountain.

(.19) L up steps. O street.

(.22) L toward Koiso Museum of Art.

            Island Kitaguchi Station OtR.

            BR slightly to stay on high road.

.38 trail jogs R. O street.

            Trail becomes dirt.

.53 trail makes 90 degree L.

.77 open plaza OtL.

.86 toilets OtL.

.92 O street.

1.10 covered pavilion, water fountain OtR.

1.15 “W-1510m” sign OtR.

            Trail turns L.

1.26 trail makes R 90 degree.

            O railroad tracks and street.

1.30 tennis courts OtL.

            Trail becomes asphalt.

1.40 trail turns L.

            observation deck OtR.

1.48 trail turns R.

            “W-2100m” sign OtR

1.54 drink machines OtL.

(1.58) trail turns L along waterfront.

1.67 sandwich shop.

(1.71) L on multi-colored brick walk.

1.81 trail jogs R then L.

(1.89) L up ramp and O street.

(1.95) down steps, follow overhead

tram tracks north along River Mall.

2.05 X street.

2.16 Café de la Riviere OtL.

2.19 X street.

2.33 half dome fountain.

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HNL—Honolulu, HI

#1    Loop.

Circles around Diamond Head. Beautiful views. Mostly flat to rolling hills. Mostly concrete with some options to move over onto grass. One long uphill pull from turn onto Diamond Head Rd. to top of hill, a little less than a mile.

 From Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel

Out the front

R at street (Kai Ulani).

X then L on Kalakaua (Start Point)

.02 Police Station OtR.

.04 Beach OtR.

.19 Prince Jonah statue OtR.

.38 Surfer statue OtR.

.74 Aquarium OtR.

(1.15) BL

(1.21) R on Diamond Head Rd.

1.48 Le Ahi Beach Park OtR.

1.61 X Beach Rd. OtR.

1.89 path to beach OtR down steep bluff.

2.08 top of hill. Overlook and Amelia Earhart plaque OtR.

2.48 Pok Street OtL. Palaoa Pl OtR.

(2.53) “Diamond Head Crater” sign OtR.

            L onto Kahala toward crater.

2.68 X Paikau St.

2.77 Fort Ruger OtR.

2.91 X 22nd Ave.

3.13 “Parking for Bark Park” sign OtL.

3.17 Leahi Peace Garden OtL.

3.19 entrance to Diamond Head State Monument OtL.

            (You’ve circled around Diamond Head to backside)

3.35 Old church OtR.

3.49 Makapu U Ave OtR.

3.73 through stone gates.

3.77 X Troussaeau St. OtR.

            (street you are on becomes Monsarrat)

4.00 X Campbell Ave.

4.11 South Shore Grill OtR (good eats)

            Tavola Italian Osteria OtR.

4.12 X Kanaina

4.24 X Leahi

4.29 X Paki

(4.82) BR merges back in Kalakaua

4.87 Kapahulu St. OtR.

4.93 Paoakalani St. OtR.

5.00 Prince Jonah statue OtL.

5.18 Police Station OtL.

5.23 corner of Kai Ulani & Kalakaua



#2    Out and back.

Corner of Atkinson & Mahukona (Near Ala Moana shopping center.

West (toward water)

(.11)  Ala Moana Park is across street.

Good trails, flat, near water/beaches, go as far as you like.

 #3     Out and back.

Corner of Atkinson & Mahukona

West (toward water)

(.11) L on Ala Moana (park is across street)

(.25) L on Ala Wai Promenade (or footpath)

Good run mostly on sidewalks, some street crossings

further up, flat, go as far as you like.

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NRT - Narita, Japan  Running Route

Out and back.

Starting point: Radisson Narita ( )

R on street in front of hotel.

.15 X street OtR.

.26 traffic light. Street OtL.

.44 U walk crossover.

.61 X street OtR.

.78 traffic light. Street OtL.

(.81) street OtR. Cross over to left side.

            Rice paddies OtL.

(.96) L toward paddies.

            Small paved road down bank.

(.99) L along rice paddies.

(1.07) BL.

1.23 mirror on pole OtL.

1.34 paved path OtR.

1.38 mirror on pole OtL.

1.45 path OtL.

1.51 path OtR.

(1.57) R where road Ts.

            Marble monuments across road.

1.64 mirror on pole OtR.

1.70 mirror on pole OtR.

1.76 mirror on pole OtL.

1.81 mirror on pole OtL.

1.88 mirror on pole OtR.

1.95 mirror on pole OtR.

(1.99) R cross paddies.

2.03 road starts uphill.

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Holiday Inn Hurstbourne – 1325 Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222

Phone: 502 426-2600

Route 1 total distance: 8.64 miles

This course is mostly on concrete sidewalks with gently rolling hills.

Medium traffic.



L out of front door of hotel

(.04)     L at edge of parking lot

.17       TGI Friday’s OtR

(.20)     R on Linn Station (next main street)

.34       X Lake Shore

.87       road narrows

1.06     X

(1.26)   L on Moser

1.77     X Whiteheath

(2.52)   R on Shelbyville

(3.12)   R on Blankenbaker

3.62     1819 sign OtR

3.72     X Finchley

4.02     X Waterson

(4.32)    Gatesworth OtR, Elingsworth OtL

bad, busy intersection ahead

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Start: front door of

                        Hilton Hotel

                        500 West Third Avenue

                        Anchorage, AK 99501

 Course has some rolling hills but is mostly flat along waterfront. Surface is all asphalt on the running trail but offers the option of moving over to run on dirt/grass in most areas.

Use caution for ice except during the period from mid July to mid August.


Total Distance 3.2 miles to turnaround. (6.4 out and back)



L out of hotel front door.

(.07) R on F Street

(.13) L on 2nd Avenue

(.27) Trail starts on right side of street over small bridge.

.67 U railroad through tunnel

.75 “Hanna Cove” sign OtR

.93 bench OtR

1.46 bench OtR

1.52 U railroad through tunnel

1.55 O small bridge

(1.58) R at T (some construction here last time out. Just BR

            around lake.)

1.75 tower OtR

1.80 O bridge

1.87 U railroad through tunnel

2.00 bench OtR

2.13 O bridge

2.66 baseball field OtL

2.72 bench OtR

3.20 bench OtL

Trail continues for 11 to 12 mile (from hotel) along water’s edge

            around the airport to Kincaid Park.


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