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Being eager to get the public’s response to my book, I gave a copy to just about everybody I could entice to take one. So far, the response has been just amazing. The following are just a few:

             My best buddy: “You wrote a another book? Why?”

             My barber: “You’ve had way too much time on your hands.”

             Kid behind the counter at the gas station: “Man, I found your book to be just great! It was a little too light to make a good paperweight, but after I soaked it in kerosene, it made a super fire starter.”

             From my mother: “That’s nice. What would you like for dinner?”

             From a fellow on the street who said he actually read some of it: “You’re not thinking of giving up flying are you?”

             Friend who I sent it to: “Got your book.”

             My wife:  “Could you go mow the grass now?”

 It’s apparent, then, that folks are just overwhelmed by the magnitude of this great literary accomplishment, so much so they are at a loss for words. So, keep those cards and letters coming folks; your comments are much appreciated.

 A few more recent:

I also HIGHLY recommend Capt. Ed's book… …Ed's book should be a must read for everyone. … If Ed's book does not make an impression on you, then I suggest you must be one of the few people on the planet with the Fonz Coolness Quotient. - Ben Baker, Editor of "The Wiregrass Farmer" in Ashburn, Georgia. (more of Ben’s comments)

You don't have to be a 747 driver to enjoy this book. I can recommend it to everybody who wants to read a good, funny story or is curious why most pilots have a different outlook on life. I laughed my rear off reading his tales and I really enjoyed how Captain Ed looks at our modern and ever-changing environment (some aviation but life in general) from a fun but clever perspective. It's truly a "feel good" book that also gets you thinking at times. You might call him a modern day, easy to read, and funny Saint Exupery. He has inspired me to write some of my own stories down. Thanks Captain Ed!
Mike Strasser, "Chicken Wings" Aviation Cartoons

Wow!  You done good, Captain.  It's positively delightful… amazing stories and heart-grabbing advice shared from years of in-the-trenches experience—Patricia Lorenz, internationally-known inspirational, art-of-living writer and speaker. Author of six books, including her latest, TRUE PILOT STORIES. She's also one of the top contributors in the country to the "Chicken Soup For the Soul" books with stories in twenty-seven of them so far.

It's obvious that not only can Captain Ed Owen fly an airplane, but he can successfully spin an incredible tale! This is Your Captain Speaking is southern-style storytelling at its finest combined with fable undertones. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the captain's light-hearted stories, but I also appreciated his aviation-referenced approach to keeping life simple. I take back everything I've ever said about pilots!
JoAnn Kuzma Deveny, author of 99 Ways to Make a Flight Attendant Fly-Off the Handle!

The subtitle of This Is Your Captain Speaking says it all: It's a common sense manual for keeping your wings level. Ed's book is one of the most enjoyable I've read in a long time. It's full of common sense, home-spun wisdom and stories learned over a very full and enjoyable lifetime. Ed has paid attention in life. When something happens, either good or bad, he takes a moment to reflect. It's in those priceless moments of reflection that people gain wisdom. Ed has an acronym that he coined "NILALSFAT", which means "now I learned a little something from all that". Ed has gained wisdom using "NILALSFAT" during a wonderful career in military and commercial aviation. His stories are drawn from his interesting life. By reading these humorous accounts, I too, am benefiting from Ed's acquired wisdom. Now I find myself telling his stories to others.
Pilot Paul
writer of
Where an Airline Captain helps you with your travels.

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This is Your Captain Speaking is for one and all, but especially for those discriminating readers who appreciate a well written book filled with the writer's personal experiences and liberally laced with humor.— Cajun Clark, Editor

Ed Owen has given some unique perspective to the relationship of flying and living. He has strung together a wonderful collection of stories about himself, his friends and the characters he has come across in his flying. Most of the stories are downright hilarious, but some are very thought-provoking and some very serious. I suspect the pilot-reader will find some perspectives that really resonate in life-experiences, but anyone who has ever wondered whether pilots at the top of their skills are "real people", will find the insights, situations and characters delightful and informative. I highly recommend the book for all.— D. Freeman, Philosopher and wit

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