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It is not the idea here to present a review of every eating joint in town. What we want to do is list a few places with clear directions from some of the regular layover hotels and a short description for those times when you just don't have the energy to go roaming about. We would certainly like to hear from you more adventurous sorts who, before going to dinner, meet with the whole crew, talk it over with the concierge, and strike out in a taxi, but for the most part we'll consider those places within walking distance (as measured in pilot miles).

Click on the hyperlinks below to find what you're looking for.

AMS - Amsterdam, Netherlands                           MEM - Memphis, TN                        

BOM - Mumbai (Bombay), India                           MIA - Miami, FL

DCA - Washington, DC area                               NGO - Nagoya, Japan

DTW - Detroit, MI                                             KIX - Osaka, Japan   

HNL - Honolulu, Hawaii                                     SEA - Seattle, WA

LAX - Los Angeles, CA

LGW - London Gatwick, England

More to come soon. Send yours to:                        Restaurant Rating Form

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X = Cross a street at street level.  U = Cross under a street, overpass, bridge, etc.   O = Cross over a street, river, etc.  R = turn right at designated point.  L = turn left at designated point.   BR = bear right. BL = bear left.  OtL = On the left.  OtR = On the right.


Distances in ( ) to the left of location descriptions indicate decision/action points: ie. Turn right or left or go straight. In the absence of instructions (turn L or R, etc.) go straight. Distances to the left of location descriptions not in ( ) are for distance awareness only or to point out something of interest.

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