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   “Chicken Wings” by brothers Mike and Stefan Strasser is the first of its kind aviation humor book designed to entertain the airplane enthusiast, air show visitor, cartoon lover, flight student, and pilot alike. In the style of aviators everywhere (chickens are aviators of a sort, aren’t they?) the dedicated employees of Roost Air “commit” their special aviation moments in a way that is all too true to life and down right hilarious. Professional pilots in particular may even find themselves, after recovering from sidesplitting laughter, reflecting on the fact that there are lessons to be learned from the antics of the gang at Roost Air. 


    True Pilot Stories is a collection of stories by veteran writer Patricia Lorenz and over 50 commercial, cargo, military, private, experimental, helicopter, hot-air balloon and blimp pilots from all over the country. Male, female, young, old, these true stories will give you a whole new feel and understanding of the world of aviation. From hilarious stories and pranks they pull on each other and their crews to white-knuckle, hair-raising adventure stories, air travel will suddenly take on a whole new meaning. Fasten your seat belt. You're in for the ride of your life.





  Really great aviation humor and cartoons. The Flying Dutchman, Martin Leeuwis (KLM captain and ex-fighter jock) has put together the absolute best in aviation jokes, anecdotes, and cartoons accumulated over many years of battling the elements in heavier-than-air machines.



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  Flying by the Seat of My Pants by Marsha Marks. In a manner suggesting strong influence from Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry with a flavoring of Lewis Grizzard, Marsha Marks dishes up humor that is just the right balance between in-your-face, bust-a-gut, slap stick funny and a deep, soothing, inspirational amusement! 





  99 Ways to Make a Flight Attendant Fly-- Off the Handle!

        A Guide for the Novice or Oblivious Air Traveler-- by JoAnn Kuzma Deveny




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book Whatever Were You Thinking of, Captain? A book for airline passengers written by a retired British Airways Training Captain, describes some of the technical aspects of an air journey to the interested passenger while injecting anecdote humour (a lot like humor but it’s British). Its ultimate objective is to encourage a relaxed and confident atmosphere to flying. Commercial pilots have found this book to be the ideal way of explaining to friends and family what they do for a living.  





   These are the tales told by flight crews everywhere, sprinkled liberally with pilot philosophy. 

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