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This collection of jokes and stories has come by way of email, radio, bulletin boards, phone, snail-mail, and word-of-mouth. Some of them have been around forever (or at least since Orville and Wilbur quit pedaling and started breaking the surly bonds). Others are fairly new. I have personal knowledge of a few of the stories and can attest that they are true to some extent (that means the original teller once brushed against someone who might have told the truth at some point). 

If you have a good one (joke or story), please send it to us at If we use it, we’ll give you credit for it, if you like. If anybody can document the source of some of what’s already here, we’ll be happy to acknowledge that too. Keep them clean, please. We are not, by any means, easily offended, but dirty humor is usually sorry humor and not worth the effort.





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