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Dedicated to the high ideal of preserving the fine art of spinning yarns, the Phisherville Hangarflyers Liars and Philosophical Society meets on a less than regular basis at locations decided upon at the last second.

The name of our noble organization is derived from where we meet, which is actually in Fisherville but we had to change the spelling in order to get the phonetics to work out to pronounce the word "flaps" while keeping the word "Hangarflyers". The accommodations we have to make for the sake of high literature are just terrible.

You pilot types will recognize the desirability of using this particular phrase to describe our illustrious organization. Flaps (yes, spelled with an "f", but remember we're cutting some slack here for the sake of art) besides being those huge door-like thingies on the back of airplane wings, can also be used as an acronym describing a certain kind of airplane driver. A FLAP, for you uninitiated readers, is a Fine Light Airplane Pilot, or a Friendly Light Airplane Pilot or some other words that fit the acronym but are not appropriate here.

Now, most of our esteemed members are not FLAPs and wouldn't admit it if they were. They are now "Heavy Metal" drivers. But everybody recognized just how cool the acronym was, so they went with it.

Hangarflyers are folks who do hangarflying. Well, duh. Yeah, but not everybody knows what hangarflying is, so a little explanation is in order. Whenever one is to go flying because he wants to (not because the chief pilot or the squadron commander or some other higher up mucky muck says so), there often arises reasons to postpone or cancel one's slipping of the surly bonds. It might be too windy, too cold, too hot, too cloudy, too clear, too lazy, or whatever. Oftentimes while making the decision not to fly, the daring aviator lounges around the hangar and talks about flying rather than actually doing it. That's hangarflying. Some really great stories come out of hangarflying.

The "L" in our organization's name is not really appropriate at all. All of our members are persons of extremely high integrity, treating the truth with the utmost care on all occasions. But for some reason, it was the only word we could come up with that fits the acronym.

The remainder of the name is pretty much self-explanatory. Individuals of extremely high caliber, such as our august members, when brought together for the purpose of common interests (society), quite naturally tend to philosophize on subjects of great merit. Why, some of them even tend to pontificate. A "Pontificating Society" might even be more descriptive of our group. And it does fit the acronym. Maybe... oh, never mind. 

Our membership requirements are high indeed. Those believing themselves to be worthy of this high calling should first outfit themselves appropriately (see Bookstore), steel yourselves for service of the highest order, and zip right on over to the membership page.

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Dedicated to preserving the fine art of spinning a good yarn.