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Presented here are a few links to sites we've found interesting. Some of them are related to the great cause fostered by YCS and its sister organization PHLAPS. Some of them are not.  An app for logging aircraft spottings. Super cartoon strip (new one every Tuesday) based on a fictional airline, Roost Air. Done by two brothers, Mike and Stef, whose resumes include things like helicopter pilot, firefighter, foreign student, and rock guitarist, all of which indicates there might be a minor defect in that particular gene pool. A place for some really great aviation humor and cartoons. The Flying Dutchman, Martin Leeuwis (KLM captain and ex-fighter jock) has put together the absolute best in aviation jokes, anecdotes, and cartoons accumulated over many years of battling the elements in heavier-than-air machines.
 THIRTY THOUSAND FEET is an aviation directory with thousands of links to aviation web pages, aviation news, FAQs, and other sources of commercial, military, and general aviation information. Air racing news and views.  About Paris-Orly Airport


Pilots helping pilots Just what the name implies. Lots of good info.




Back to the top  A great site for kids interested in aviation. A Global Aircraft Parts Supplier Lots of industry news. A great source of amusement for crew members and road warriors alike.
 For folks who have a bit of a fear of flying, a great on-line course to help you out by captain Stacey Chance. This is the sort of thing the typical airline pilot might take advantage of. Not because he needs it, but because it’s free.


PPRuNe Forums  A good source for real pilot info. A lot fluff too, of course, but some good stuff.

US Aviation - America’s Aviation Headquarters This is the Cadillac (Rolls Royce) of the big, comprehensive, aviation sites. Tons of resources for all things aviation.

Back to the top Flight School and Pilot Training Resource. Do you want to be an airline  pilot, pilot helicopters, or simply learn how to fly? Then flight school is something you should think seriously about. At Best Aviation you will find a large directory of flight schools, helicopter training, and aviation colleges worldwide.

Lotsa great military pics and links from a UK point of view. New and expanding source of info for flight crew travel.

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Pro-Diem, Inc Pilot and Flight Attendant Travel Expense Service These folks do an outstanding job of helping crewmembers calculate allowable travel expenses for federal tax returns. And they do it for a very reasonable fee.


Air Combat Tactic Fighter Combat International's air combat school in Mesa, Arizona USA specializes in providing the general public the opportunity of enjoying this outdoor adventure activity with real fighter pilots in real aerobatic aircraft 

Back to the top Here's a site for a bunch of guys having a lot of fun doing something very important: teaching folks how to keep the blue side up (when necessary). Some cool aerial shots.  All things aviation with a European (or worldwide) flair. Very well done and very large.  Kind of a general site leaning more toward airplanes than aviation (if that makes sense). A ton of of great photos and info. All kinds of airplanes from fighters to puddle jumpers. Lots of great photos of airliners.


use this banner for website linking   Some really good yuks under Airline humor. US Military transport site. Lots of good stuff.

Back to the top Lots of funny stuff by columnist Sheila Moss. Not much on aviation, but she did go to an airshow once, so she qualifies to be listed here.  Great site. Lots of stuff. Great site for military aviation buffs. Lots of interesting stuff. - Your aviation internet resource. Aviation Top 100, 8000+ indexed and searchable links, Buy and Sell Aircraft, N-number Search etc. Looks like some good, reasonably priced, training resources for the fledgling aviator. Good links page too.



 Airline Pilot Interview Gouge and Information  

  A good resource for those looking for that first flying job.


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  Huge list of aviation sites. All sorts of aviation stuff.  Now we, those of us who are educated at all, know that humor is only of two kinds: Southern humor and perverted humor (which ain't really funny at all). This site has some of the very best of the former. And it's huge, lots and lots of really great stuff put together by a whole bunch of truly neat folks.


( 6th and final letter of coupon code= T)  TWA Capt Barry Schiff, a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame, is a legend in aviation academics. His hundreds of columns, articles, videos and books will endure decades in his contributions to aviation and safety. Aerial Photography Equipment - Giant advertising balloons, remote controlled blimps, aerial photography equipment, helium balloons, dirigibles, RC blimps. The balloon and blimp factory - worldwide delivery. Doesn't really have anything to do with humor or aviation (other than she probably spends a lot of time traveling by airplane), but Cynthia Brian, Media Coach, Writer, Author, Speaker, TV/Radio Personality, dishes up some interesting stuff.

Aviation Flight Schools Directory of flight schools and aviation schools. This one is for the birds. Great cartoons/humor Southern humor from a southern belle (and many others). No flying stuff but good for chuckles.

Back to the top  A very interesting lady, New Zealander Jill Gardner, helps air passengers arrive at their destination refreshed and rejuvenated. Jill has spent over 30 years in the travel industry including a career as a flight attendant. Though it's presented as The Airline Crew Portal, anybody is welcome and there is a lot of neat stuff that even mere mortals can understand and enjoy. Just a well designed site with some interesting stuff. I ran across it while looking for flying humor. The club is on the other side of the world, of course, but they do have air over there, and airplanes work pretty much the same as they do here. Look for flying humor at the bottom of the home page under miscellaneous. Good info on world travel.

Back to the top  Travel advice for non-crew types.

The Leader in Aircraft Loan Services A leader in aircraft financing.

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