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Ben Baker Book Review

Just finished Capt Ed's book. Why it took me so long to read and review it, I hope will become apparent herein.

There are, in this journey some people choose to call a life, certain things which are required. We live. We respirate. We consume and excrete. Everything else is more or less filler between our grand debut and our exit stage death off the stage of life.

There are things we can do as part of that filler material much like the kapok core of a softball that we can do to make the journey from one end to the other (providing you make it to adulthood as this does not apply to chilluns per se) which can make the journey: 

Less interesting. Remember, to wish an interesting life on someone is considered a major insult in some places.


Less stressful.

Far less grating on the nerves of our fellow travelers.

Ed's book is one of those.

Before I go any farther, let me state here there are a handful of books which I will one day insist my children read. Ed's book has graduated into this ultra elite realm of less than 10 books. Ed couches the kind of wisdom we all need to have in short stories which only appear to be related to flying. This may sound like major hyperbole, but when your daily job is sitting on the steering and landing instruments on a giant tube of metal hurtling along at 600 MPH with several hundred people behind you, then hyperbole does not enter into the equation. Many people court death on a regular basis, but they do it solo, tandem or a handful at the time. I am not saying Ed, as an airline pilot courts death regularly as flying is one of the safest if not THE safest mode of travel. But still. Engines that measure fuel economy in the number of gallons per mile. Engines that lift thousands of pounds of metal into the sky. Miles in the air. The only thing that is certain is the plane will land. The only question is how will it land. It's gotta make an impression on you.

If Ed's book does not make an impression on you, then I suggest you must be one of the few people on the planet with the Fonz Coolness Quotient.

Read the book. Start on Page one. Come out at the end and look at things differently.

Ed's book is absolutely worth the read.

Did I laugh? Sure. It has an eye watering moment or two. Capt. Treadaway is just another name for the stock character most humorists have in their writing closet. Was the book outrageously funny? Nope. Did I learn anything? If you have to ask that, you've not read this book review.

So why'd it take me to so long? If you really read the book, you won't be able to read it in one sitting, You have to read some, digest and apply it and then come back for more.

You rock Ed.

Ben Baker


Ben Baker, Editor of "The Wiregrass Farmer" in Ashburn, Georgia, and member of  "Southern Humorists," was awarded First Place in the Personal Column category from Trib Publications news awards.   His column was a moving tribute to a soldier, David Bass, and to all soldiers who risk their lives to defend ordinary people.

When asked about the award, Ben said: "Yep. I rock. More importantly, the column rocked. More importantly than that, the inspiration for the column rocked."

In addition to being an award-winning journalist, Ben is a very funny guy who calls himself the world's official redneck genius. You can get his columns emailed to you at doseodrivel-subscribe@yahoogroups or ask him for advice, solicit money, issue threats or whatever else might strike your fancy at .



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